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Times News
05-20-2011 8:37:04 AM CST
All 7 Amity students sent to judicial remand TNN, Sep 28, 2010, 06.59am IST LUCKNOW: All seven engineering students who were arrested on Sunday in connection with a brawl with another student group of their institute were on Monday produced before a local court which subsequently sent them to jail. Meanwhile, the institute authorities, though, initiated proceedings to suspend the accused students, they clarified that the incident was not that of ragging but a simple brawl. On Sunday, a group of fourth-year students clashed with a third-year group following a heated exchange earlier in the day. The reports said a group of seniors had hauled up a third-year student, identified as Azad, on Sunday afternoon for not wishing them when he came across them a couple of days back. In the afternoon, while Azad was having tea with his classmates at the hostel mess, the group of seniors - later identified as Mrityunjay Pathak, Jyoti, Mohit, Ankit, Vipul Thakur, Karamveer and Afaaque - arrived on the scene and allegedly started intimidating Azad. Things turned violent when the seniors allegedly poured a cup of hot tea over Azad and thrashed the juniors when Azad and his batchmates - Saif Masood Siddiqui, Madhurendra Kumar Giri, Vivek, Yogesh Singh, Deepak Yadav and Pranjal Singh - tried to resist.

Kishan Bhanot
05-20-2011 7:55:17 AM CST
A Tribune Exclusive MEA protecting individuals with criminal past: CIC Girja Shankar Kaura Tribune News Service New Delhi, August 24 Ministry of External Affairs has come under severe criticism from the Central Information Commission (CIC) for trying to avoid sharing information regarding a red corner alert issued by the Interpol in regard to two Indian nationals and protecting them from being prosecuted. The condemnation came from Information Commissioner Annapurna Dixit as the MEA refused provide information on an application filed by one Ashwini Kumar Shrivastava saying that, “disclosure of which would prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the State, relation with a foreign State or lead to incitement of an offence”. While allowing the appeal, the Commission has also directed the CPIO of the ministry to provide complete information to the Appellant by September 15, under intimation to the Commission.

John Xavier
05-20-2011 4:48:02 AM CST
Requesting the public to post any available informations about Amity University. Regards Justin's Loving Papa

Action Council
05-20-2011 4:33:50 AM CST
Copied from"WIKIPEDIA" Controversies As per a 2009 Central Information Commission appeal ruling, German judicial authorities have issued arrest warrants against Ashok Kumar Chauhan and Arun Kumar Chauhan, directors of the Amity group of institutions on charges of fraud in Germany. The Interpol too has issued Red-Corner notices. The Ministry of Home Affairs has been requested to act on this issue "in accordance with law". The Union Minister for External Affairs in India has accepted that Germany wishes to prosecute Ashok Chauhan and Arun Chauhan and that they have sought legal assistance for extraditing the two.[8][9][10] The UGC, the official body that recognizes universities in India, had continued refusing to grant Amity University recognition status. In 2007, after a petition filed by Amity, the Delhi High Court directed UGC to include Amity University's name on its website. The courts additionally asked UGC to conduct inspection to find out problems in Amity University's programmes.[2] Amity University is not recognized by the All India Council of Technical Education. In early 2007, AICTE brought out an advisory telling students to "avoid 168 unapproved colleges", including Amity.[2] As per the university, it being a university is not required to take the approval of AICTE.[1]

sugantha meena   blazemeenu@gmail.com
05-12-2011 1:29:35 AM CST
Sorry uncle as last april i was playing wid you!!!nw i realize hw hard it must have been 4 u......i am ready 2 do ny help.....so please dnt feel bad 2 ask me 4 help......once again sorry...uncle now u can trust me.....:(

Sayan Roy   loosecontrolster@gmail.com
04-20-2011 12:36:37 AM CST
Sir, Its been a long time since we spoke.If you need any assistance or if I could be of any help to you pls let me know.I wish to see justice prevail in the right direction and be of assistance.Hoping to hear from you. Sayan Roy contact:loosecontrolster@gmail.com

Abraham   abraham66cherian@gmail.com
03-26-2011 6:38:12 AM CST
Justin was our sunday school student when he was in school with Ashish, Abhilash and lot of other students. Very Sad to hear the death of our Justin John. May his soul rest in peace and God will take the revenge.

Sapna Arora
02-08-2011 5:32:47 AM CST
This is really sad and shocking.This definately saddens me.May God give you the strength to bear the great loss and my prayers are with you.God bless.

Dipi joseph M   dipijoseph@gmail.com
12-17-2010 2:26:48 AM CST

Dear parents, i very sad to know about the mysterious deth of justin john and i offer my pray and all support to you and yor family... ... may his soul rest in pease....

nitin   hunnys66@gmail.com
12-13-2010 2:46:23 PM CST
may his school rest in peace , may i knw exactly wat happened to such a great mind ? i will try to provide my support in any way possible

johnson pullannikavil riyadh   johns125112@yahoo.com
12-12-2010 9:07:46 PM CST
I'm so sorry.May his soul rest in peace.

12-12-2010 8:45:44 PM CST
May his soul rest in peace.

Ranon Lewis   citroen15@gmail.com
11-29-2010 2:15:02 PM CST
May his soul rest in peace,amen!

jennet Vembillil
11-10-2010 8:15:11 AM CST

Also to say that I will try and get as many peopel as I can to come n join this :D x

jennet Vembillil
11-10-2010 8:06:32 AM CST

I am sorry to hear what happend.. God will sort everything out. Take care stay blessed :D x

Fr Jose Sebastian
11-03-2010 9:21:05 AM CST
My heartfelt condolences to all the grieving family members and friends.Praying that the sad events may bring greater awareness to eradicate the evil of "accidental deaths" prevalent in many institutions of specializations.

10-12-2010 12:15:50 PM CST
I pray that Justin's soul rest in peace. Sir, I thoroughly appreciate your noble endeavor.

Regi Kuriachan   regikuriachan@gmail.com
09-24-2010 2:32:23 PM CST
One year passed by... Now the case is handed over to CBI. Let us hope that the real culprits will be revealed. May God bless you and your family. Our whole hearted support for you.

Mathew daniel   mathew.daniel27@yahoo.com
09-22-2010 3:24:31 PM CST
Dear parents, Me and my family very sad to know about the mysterious death of justin john.let God give more strength and stability to fight for justice. may God bless you! Mathew daniel and family Jeddah_ksa

Ayyoob   Ayyoob101@gmail.com
09-22-2010 4:57:48 AM CST
It is heart breaking to know that such a talented boy was succumbed to the cruelty of few bad boys, if the boy's father is correct. Let the CBI bring all the truth out. Do not leave the culprits who ever they may be. May God give all the strength to the the family to bear this irreversible loss.

Anitha thomas   anittom@yahoo.co.in
09-22-2010 1:59:57 AM CST
May God give peace and strength to both of you.WE are all behind you.Let the culprits be punished.

09-21-2010 3:04:26 AM CST
I can't forget his face...he conveys an aura of elegance and gentility !!! MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE !!!!

09-20-2010 12:44:00 AM CST
Praying to the The God almighty to give You strength to your mind and Justice.

Manu M. Pillai   msmsmanu@yahoo.co.in
09-19-2010 3:51:52 PM CST
I'm pretty sure these messages aren't enough to console you as you have lost something that is irreplaceable, but I do hope and pray that god gives you enough strength to bear and wait patiently till those responsible are brought to justice. He continues to inspire us even today. May his soul rest in peace.

Mohamed Maranchery   pemohamed@gmail.com
09-19-2010 1:53:53 PM CST
nobody can compensate,no substitute .... loss not only for the family to the whole nation.. so don't leave the culprits .. all support from all..

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