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JOSHI   ksjoshi66@gmail.com
09-19-2010 1:38:40 PM CST
Always prays not to happen anybody.

09-19-2010 11:20:25 AM CST
dear uncle and aunty devaithinode nammal ellavarum cherrnu prayer cheythal deivvom theerchayayitta justina neethi kodukum .

Zubair Kachery   kachair1@gmail.com
09-19-2010 10:04:45 AM CST
The loss is unbearable to any parent, but the institution must be held accountable. We must ensure that no other parent goes through such pain in future. My whole hearted support for any initiative that you plan to bring those behind this grisly crime to book.

susan   sloanshawn@yahoo.com
09-19-2010 7:07:28 AM CST
No words to console you. Justin looks so smart and brillant guy. He is always with us. Dont worrry, he is happy in the hands of GOD. I am so happy to read that the case is now with CBI. Thanks

noushad   naushadpakada@yahoo.in
09-19-2010 5:48:34 AM CST

dear mr john please accept our heartfelt condolence nad may the almighty console you family we we we support strugg your pain

Abdul Hakeem   haquim50@yahoo.com
09-19-2010 5:05:18 AM CST
It was really shocking to hear about Justin’s death... definitely he will have a better place with God. But truth must come out. While go through his photographs, we can see/read his talent in education and other activities during the studies. loss of this little flower..is uncountable..dear parent of Justin be patient..

mohammed rafiq   rafiq@emiratesrecycle.com
09-19-2010 1:20:24 AM CST

hallo mr.john xavier,i dont have words to express my feeling,since i came to know the incidents thru news paper i happend to think and think many hours abt it ,i offer my pray and support to you and your family and i feel strong objection to those who had worked behind this

damubala   damubala@rediffmail.com
09-18-2010 11:48:01 PM CST
My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Daniel Soman   danystone@yahoo.com
09-17-2010 6:55:13 PM CST
Dear Mr.John, We ,the whole family deeply feel for your loss and hope "God almighty" gives you and your wife enough strength. Today we read the news that the investigation is handed over to CBI and we pray that every criminal s behind this must be revealed and punished. god be with you always

09-17-2010 7:08:30 AM CST
My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace. Those responsible for this heinous crime should be brought to justice at any cost.

vinu rajan kottarakara
09-13-2010 12:39:33 PM CST
No words with us to console you both.Pls belive that THE YOUNG CHARMING MASTER JUSTIN is so safe and happy in the hands of ALMIGHTY.We should do our role,the legal fight.....All are praying for you.

Pongsathorn Tiranun   ilovesk128@hotmail.com
09-06-2010 6:57:19 AM CST
Rest in peace,bro.You will never be forgotten and you are always an important part in our Montfort family.RIP.

karpaka rajan v   karpaka@gmail.com
09-05-2010 3:16:08 PM CST
our prayers for the departed soul to rest in peace and strength to the bereaved family to bear the grief.

Renjeev   rnsanchal@gmail.com
09-04-2010 1:52:43 PM CST
Don't go back from your struggles.Go ahead with your efforts.God the almighty is with you.Your struggle is an inspiration to so many parents who face the same situations.you have to do a lot of things in your life.your charitable works may be a beginning to everything.wish you all success.

Vipin T Vettickal   vipin@loveable.com
08-28-2010 8:53:53 AM CST
Dear Mr. John, Please accept our heartfelt condolence and may the almighty console you and your family. We support your struggle and share your pain.

08-18-2010 10:03:00 PM CST
You must hold a press conference in the Press Club, Delhi and highlight the case in the national media if you want to get justice. Or else the management will destroy all evidence and go scotfree.

Dr.Sangeeta Das
08-10-2010 12:15:09 PM CST
I deeply feel for your loss and hope "God almighty" gives you and your wife enough strength.

lekshmy   lekshmy_333@yahoo.com
08-04-2010 2:59:25 AM CST
our heartfelt condolence to your family.

Tessy Varghese   CEO@realanto.com
07-29-2010 3:32:32 AM CST

Dear Justin, My child, your smiles in ages flashes through my mind………………. Your days at our school with me, your teachers and friends………………. Your cry and anxious face when your parents left you at our school………………. When your name entered in the School register you were not Justin………………. But the Precious Baby of your parents………………. It was literally hard to believe your departure in the most unexpected way………………. Let Almighty God strengthen your parents………………. Though it is painful we are pleased that you have already joined those Little Angels………………. With our Father in Heaven………………. Tessy Varghese

Francis E. Nathan (UK)   fenathan@sky.com
07-09-2010 4:50:25 AM CST
Dear parents of Justin John Xavier. My wife and I mourn and share this tremendous loss of your only dearest child under suspicious circumstances. Justin now Rests in Peace in the arms of the Lord. I sincerely hope you find the justice you rightly seek to give you closure on the loss of your son. I too am an Old Boy of Montfort School, Yercaud.

John Mevin   mevin84@gmail.com
07-05-2010 10:12:30 AM CST
My prayers go for his soul ... I was his senior at IISR but dont know him personally.Came to know of his demise through my uncle Joy John.I am not in a position to give my views but it is a common trend followed by prestigious universities everywhere to cover up such acts happening at their campus.

07-01-2010 7:43:32 AM CST
Dear brother John and Mrs John, May the Father in heaven see your sufferings and console you. We pray to the Almighty to give both you strength and courage in the battle of finding the truth. God Bless Paily K Anthony Valsa paily Jubin paul & Eldhopaul

Thomas Philip   thomas_panit@yahoo.com
06-30-2010 3:28:54 AM CST
Dear Parents, We extend our heartfelt condolence with deep sorrow and grief. We pray to the almighty god to rest Justin's soul in peace. Our prayers are always with you for giving you the strength to face the challenges ahead and the courage to live. Please don't leave the legal fight till you get justice. Thomas, Anit, Athira & Albin God bless you!!!!

PREETHAITTOOP   preethaittoop@gmail.com
06-28-2010 1:23:11 AM CST
dear uncle and anuty we know words cannot console ..and i am sure no human words can console you and your family i hope calprits will be brought to justice soon my and our family prayer always with u.... i am sure god will hear our prayers

M.C.Mohan Nair   mcm_nair@yahoo.com
06-27-2010 9:42:26 AM CST

Dear berieved family members of Justin John, I know nobody among you, but I felt like you all are my own relatives. Sure I will not get a good sleep tonight, as that loving pictures of the god's beloved young son who was called back to his proximity. Though it is a tough test for all of us, it was an easy test for justin. I know words never cure our agony, but other than consoling words there is no cure. I sincerly join with your prayers for his eternal peace.

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