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06-27-2010 4:25:16 AM CST
Dear Mr. John, Please accept our heartfelt condolence and may the almighty console you and your family. We support your struggle and share your pain.

Thomas John   kennytjohn@hotmail.com
06-26-2010 11:10:09 PM CST
Dear Brother Mr & Mrs John Our heartfelt condolences are with you,and dont forget we will meet him on that shore along with our God,God Bless you

Musthafa   musthafa.koonari@hotmail.com
06-26-2010 9:12:24 PM CST
Dear brother John and Mrs.John, I just know about the sad demise of your son Master Justin from one of my friend. Our heartfelt condolenses to you and your family, we are praying to god for your son. We strongly support yoy to fight for justice. We can pray to get justice soon.

06-26-2010 1:28:17 AM CST
Dear John Sir, though i am a stranger to you i am really sorry to hear of your son's mysterious and the unexpected death that ur son had to face.I do understand how much you both miss ur beloved son.I don't know ur son much in personal but i came to know about him through Madonna daughter of Justin's French tution teacher.i heartfully hope that Justin would get his JUSTICE for he surely would get it.Trust in God i am sure he would be enjoying his heavenly pleasures now by being sitted near our most High God.My prayers are always with you.I would also like to share the regards of my family members - "Our prayers,hope,love,blessings and support shall always be with you. May God bless u both with JUSTICE." Don't look back just go ahead and fight for ur son.From Alin & family (Chennai).

Jose Varghese   josemnr@hotmail.com
06-25-2010 8:11:13 PM CST

Dear Parents, Our sincere prayers with tears ....... No other words to speak now .......Sure we will be there with you to fight against such injustice. Jose Varghese Pallikunnel Ramalloor Kothamangalam 9645257878

nikitha   precious_nimmu@yahoo.com
06-25-2010 11:37:29 AM CST
dear mamma nd papa!jus tdont know what to think about,but al i can do is 2 just pray 4 him ...!!!and ..justice ....!!thats the most inportant thing,personally i dont think so that it was a normal death of his..we have to find out the real reason...prbably in the vwey soon time,i consider u bot has my own parents nd justin as my dearest long lost brother!and i wil find out,i will!!!and bring the real truth in front of u both!and never worry abut his departure!coz he is still there ..with u both!!!here!!watchin u both and smilin from the lovely heaven!he is enjoyinm there!!!!!!!

Tojy George   tojyrofy@hotmail.com
06-25-2010 4:37:51 AM CST

Dear Mr. John, Although, I'm new and almost stranger to you; I have learned with deepest sorrow and regret of the death of your beloved son. I realize the inadequacy of words to comfort you in your great loss and grief. But I'd like you and Mrs. John to know my thoughts are with you in bereavement; and I stand ready and eager to help you in any way I can. With Sympathy and warmest personal regards, Sincerely, Tojy George/Jeddah- KSA

Robinkurisingal   robinkurisingal5@gmail.com
06-25-2010 4:33:24 AM CST
Dear Mr.Jhon,Our heartfelt condolences to u & u r family. We are strongly support u to fight for justice. Thanks, Robin & Neethu from Oman 00968 92632972

Smuel Varghese   sealinksamuel@yahoo.com
06-25-2010 4:11:17 AM CST
Dear Mr.John & Mrs John, We know about this incident from Kairali TV today. god bless you for your victory. Thanks, Samuel Varghese Dubai 00971504841727

munshad.c theyyala   munshad333@gmail.com
06-21-2010 12:01:04 PM CST
Dear parent, i have no words to tell you becuase i got tension after hearing the news from television. I dont know what to tell to you both.Surely your son will be in heaven .And you both have to go against the university as you can to bring the true incidence infront of you and all parents in the world.May god bless your dear son. munshad.chittambalam theyyalingal

munshad.c theyyala   munshad333@gmail.com
06-21-2010 11:57:15 AM CST
Dear parent, i have no words to tell you becuase i got tension after hearing the news from television. I dont know what to tell to you both.Surely your son will be in heaven .May god bless your dear son munshad.chittambalam theyyalingal

judit thomas
06-19-2010 7:21:28 AM CST
hello mr & mrs John I came to know about this incident from mr. terumo Joy , my hearty prayers for the soul of Justin and also for your family. Let us hope that he is resting in peace with the father almighty, he will be more happy there.

vicku   vicku051990@yahoo.com
06-18-2010 9:59:23 AM CST

Dear MrJhon Xavier, ourhearty condolence.nobodycan stop the faith but we can fight for truth behind his death . he is a good swimmer it cant happen .An person who doesnt know swimming survies on the surface for few second where some1 comes for help this i a clear picture of a planned murder ma prayers are always with u all go ask for justic we shall pray for his soul to rest in peace since he has struggled and died before his dead with lots of love n blessing from vicku (poppet)bangalore

phillip   phillip2eximp@gmail.com
06-18-2010 6:16:18 AM CST
Dear Parents, Sorry to hear this sad incident. Of course, words cannot console you'll. Sure, your son is having a wonderful time with our Almighty Father and he is taking care of him in heaven. Our hearts with you and your family. Phillip and family / Chennai

06-15-2010 12:39:00 AM CST
Respected John Sir, Im Joy's daughter.Im deeply sorry 2 hear the news about your son.Though i dont know ur son personally i hav seen him many times at home when he came for his french tuitions. Sir,im sure justin wouldnt want to see his parents so sad and also that if he had the chance he would come down to say that he is happy in heaven and even happier when he see the ONE who created him in the womb of his mother all the time.He know very well that one day the culprits will be punished ,if not here on earth then surely in Heaven. My and my family prayers are always with you and ur wife. And im sure justice will be served soon. God bless you both.

Jayan   jayan50@hotmail.com
06-10-2010 3:14:35 PM CST
We came to know about this tragic story from Joy and Roma. We share your sorrow . Our hearts are with you. Jayan & family

Siddique Areekkan   Siddiq@Ejada.com
06-08-2010 5:06:20 AM CST
Dear Mr & mrs John, May I offer you my sincere condolences.May God give your family the patience and the strong faith to go through this test with the help of God and with all of our prayers. Siddique

Raj   apr.uae@gmail.com
06-08-2010 2:54:41 AM CST
We are sorry to hear the sudden demise of Justin John and our heartfelt condolence for the same. We are sharing the grievances of the bereaved family and Praying god to rest his soul. Raj Riyadh - C/O Joy & Roma

Dino   dinodavis@live.com
06-08-2010 2:51:48 AM CST
I am shocked to hear the news from my uncle(Mr Joy and Roma anty,saudi) and extremely sorry for your loss Mr. Xavier & I sincerely hope you get justice at the earliest. Dino Chakola

Farah deepa Rauf
06-07-2010 2:25:50 PM CST
I was really shocked to hear your son's demise. We all support you in your fight for justice and the world will know the naked truth one day. May your son's soul rest in peace. God bless you. IIS-Staff-Riyadh

Latha Siby   pgantony123@hotmail.com
06-07-2010 2:16:36 PM CST
It was through my cousin brother Joy who is in Riyadh I came to know more about Justin and his untimely departure from this world. It was/is very hard to go through the website. No words are enough to explain the pain that is felt after knowing more about Justin’s life with us. I wish and pray that his mum and dad gain strength from GOD to come in terms with the sudden death of their one and only beloved son. I truly understand their situation as me too a mother of similar aged children. Dear parent, let your tears be wiped off by the healing hands of Jesus Christ. It is very hard to console you, let us keep faith in our Lord and think in more Godly way ie; GOD has HIS own plans; and having faith in this, I believe that Justin was loved by God and taken to HEAVEN to be with GOD. Justin left his wonderful body here and became an angel. For this innocent soul HEAVEN would be always the better place than this cruel world. Justin your son was/is truly a precious and wonderful gift by Lord in all the ways; a healthy, brilliant and loving son; and now he has gone back to his HEAVENLY FATHER who had gifted him to you loving parents. Once again let me take this opportunity to say that I could wave at Justin who is with the HEAVENLY FATHER and now your sweet son is very nearer to God the Father and gives out a message that “Mum and dad, I am very much fine over here; and I am in safe hands…your sweet angel Justin”. In the light of circumstantial evidences, if any foul play was there for the early departure of Justin from this world; let Lord reveal it to us as we believe that Our God stands for the truth and HE is a true consoler for broken hearts.

ABDUL RAUF   kalathil_rauf@hotmail.com
06-07-2010 5:39:43 AM CST
Dear Mr & mrs John, Hearty Condelence.May God bless him & rest his soul in peace. A.Rauf

Reji Chacko   rejichacko26april@gmail.com
06-06-2010 4:11:13 PM CST
Dear Mr & Mrs Justine John,Mr.Joy conveyed me about this incident....my deepest condolence to you and your family...I had gone through the website.Why our legal system and governments are not changing for anything.....i feel that the politics is only for the self protection and power for the leaders...not for the people who elected them.we are such an idiots that we are not understanding our politics and legal system...because now the leaders can buy cheaply the law and justice....but the incident like Justine will not let to tolerate as like all....we should aloud towards the society for getting justice to Mr.Justine.....The god never turned off for you sir...he will be always with you......

sabeena   sabeena13may@gmail.com
06-06-2010 3:56:33 PM CST
Dear Mr&Mrs.Justine john,I came to know about this incident from Joy uncle.My hearty condolence to you and your family.Being a democratic country like our India the incident like this happened and the law and society still shuttered its mouth.It is so grief to know that our politics and the society is helping the brutures.The law and justice is become deaf and dump before the power.The justice should be given to the people like Mr.Justin and his family.Their queries should not be tied in the procedure books.We should gather together with Mr.Justine's family for justice.Remember may be tomorrow this will happen to us also.I know that the words are not enough to retrieve the sorrow of Mr.Justin and his family....lets pray to the god that at least his effort may not be kept under the red tie of our law and government.

Mustafa   masn77@hotmail.com
06-06-2010 8:49:10 AM CST
Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Mustafa & Family.

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