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Philip Abraham
06-06-2010 6:43:14 AM CST
Dear Parents, No words can express our feelings when we go through the site. Feelings turn to intermittent sobs. No doubt, the scoundrels behind this heinous crime have to be taken into custody. But even if they are, then what’s next? Our Country is too democratic so much so that we see no concrete action, even if a case is proved beyond doubt in the most heinous of crimes – the loop is never closed. The loss is for no other but the parents. We can feel the pangs the poor parents are in. This is where GOD takes over. In HIM we trust. With Prayers, Philip Abraham & Family Riyadh.

Sunil Abraham - Shinju   sunil@alazzaz.com
06-06-2010 6:06:43 AM CST
Dear Mrs.& Mr. Justin John, We came to know from Mr. John - Shumaisy about this sad news! Our deepest condolences on your son's sudden demise and we will remember you in our pryaers.

06-06-2010 3:52:01 AM CST
Dear Mr & Mrs. Justin John, I came to know from my friend Mr. Joy and Roma for the shocking news... My hearty and sad condolences for the demise of Justin Xavier.I know how hard an unexpected loss is. May God bless him and keep his soul peacefully in heaven. with prayers Vinod and Family from Jeddah/KSA

06-06-2010 2:05:58 AM CST
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Justin John, I came to know from Mr. Joy and Roma, the sad demise of your son Master Justin, kindly accept my heart felt condolence. Justin will live in memories I strongly support Mr.John to fight for justice. God may Bless you and your family

Shome Jacob   shome.jacob@gmail.com
06-05-2010 11:55:13 PM CST
Dear Parents, We know words cannot console,only creator of universe can console.Man cannot cannot comprehend many things.Isa:55:9: For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Let heavenly peace dwell upon you Love Shome &Asha/Riyadh

Roji Mavelil
06-05-2010 12:59:34 PM CST
Dear Mrs & Mr Justin, We have come to know the irrepairable loss of your son thru Mr Joy.Mails or words will not be sufficient to comfort you. But let the Lord almight comfort & give you strength to carry forward your fight against injustice. Truth will prevail in the long run, do not get distracted or disheartned by the adverse situations, our paryers & support will always be there with you. With prayers, Roji Mavelil & Family

Thomas   toman92@hotmail.com
06-05-2010 12:44:44 PM CST
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Justin John, I came to know from Mr. Joy and Roma, the sad demise of your son Master Justin, kindly accept my heart felt condolence. Justin will live in memories I strongly support Mr.John to fight for justice. God may Bless you and your family

Mino   mino1@rediffmail.com
06-05-2010 11:01:35 AM CST
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Justin John, I learnt with heavy heart that the sad demise of your bellowed son through Mr. Joy and Roma family in Riyadh. I express my profound sympathy and condolence to you and other family members. I pray to the almighty to rest the departed soul in peace and give you all enough strength to bear this irreparable loss. With profound grieves. Mino.

ALFRED HABEL   alfredhabel@yahoo.com
06-05-2010 10:51:06 AM CST
Dear brother, On behalf of Br.Joy & Roma, please accept deep condolence. May the Heaven's eternal peace fill everybody's sorrowing heart.. Heaven's peace be with you all. ALFRED HABEL C/o. JOY & ROMA

06-03-2010 10:13:11 AM CST

PREETHAITTOOP   preethaittoop@gmail.com
06-03-2010 7:27:07 AM CST
hearty condolence.... my prayers always with u for justice ....i don't know wht to say ....for me no words ...god is always with u .....and we will get justice soon

RAJU T. THOMAS   rtthomas@se.com.sa
06-01-2010 10:33:36 PM CST
Dear Bro. Justin, PTL. I just posted a message but forgot to give me E-mail ID: Rtthomas@se.com.sa or rajutho@yahoo.com Regards Raju Thannimoottil

06-01-2010 10:12:26 PM CST
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Justin John, Praise the Lord. Brother, my much belated condolence. I came to know about the misfortune just yesterday only through one of our dearest family friend and who attends our Prayer Fellowship regularly. I am sure no human words can console you or your family; it is heart breaking to reflect what the innocent child had suffered from the hands of his fellow mates is beyond comprehension if only one put himself in the same position. We the members of the Trinity Fellow-Ship definitely shall uphold you in our prayers and it is our earnest wish that may God Almighty give Heavenly Peace that surpasses all understanding. Also, we would like to offer our continued prayers and support and sincerely hope that ultimately the truth prevails, at least to get to know the circumstances surrounding this mishap. With prayers and love, Raju & Mollykutty, Thannimoottil Family, Ranni

05-25-2010 4:36:58 AM CST
im pretty sure he didnt die naturally no one his age get a heart failure in the pool

Owen Bosen   owen_bosen@yahoo.com
05-24-2010 7:22:56 AM CST
My heart goes out to his family. Such an utter waste of a brilliant human being. I hope the culprits will be brought to justice. Owen

Nitha Ittoop   nithajerro@gmail.com
05-16-2010 11:40:53 PM CST
I am sure god will hear our prayes and we will get justice.

Nitha Ittoop   nithajerro@gmail.com
05-16-2010 11:35:23 PM CST
We are thinking about u peoples and always in our prayers. I am sure god will hear our prayes and we will get justice.

zahir calicut   mpzahir@yahoo.com
05-09-2010 5:22:13 PM CST
hearty condolence...our prayers allways with u for getting fast justice..akalathil polinhupoya sahodaranu nityasanti.....god bless u..

John Xavier
05-06-2010 9:35:29 AM CST
Viewers are familiar with "WITNESS" & "KUTTAPATHRAM" in Manorama Vision. Thank you Abhilash for your efforts to present the "Mysterious death of Justin John" which really touched many hearts.After viewing "WITNESS" many people sent emails to me. Also there is good feedback through my website. Our Sincere thanks to the entire crew of Manorama.

abhilash p john (manorama news )   abhilash.kolakkad@gmail.com
05-06-2010 9:21:51 AM CST
i had done as i can do for justice. i hope all who watched the prgm can support mr. john to fight agaist injustice...i am with him....u ?

spook....   perky.spook@gmail.com
05-05-2010 10:14:15 PM CST
Hey man,i feel sry 4 wat happened......y don't u take it in a gud sense lyk god wanted him badly n remember NOTHIN HAPPENS WITHOUT GOD'S WILL!!!!!!.....nyways i'll try spreading dis stuff 2 all ma frnds.......

Reny   renygt@yahoo.com
05-05-2010 10:07:39 AM CST
dear sir, My deep condolence and praying to almighty god to give strength to justin,s perents to fight for justice. nowadays so many times i viewed this site and sended this url to so many of my friends..and i am praying to god not give this same situation to others.we all are here with u for fullfilling ur justice and one more word to justin,s pearents "please dont believe any stupid politicians simply they will tell they will do something they wont do anything"

anoop   anoop.taj@gmail.com
05-05-2010 6:21:40 AM CST
My deep condolences. I am really surprised why main stream Indian channel is avoiding this report.Kindly mail all the details to leading news channels like NDTV CNNIBN TIMES NOW STAR NEWS ETC. we all support you

Regi Kuriachan   regikuriachan@gmail.com
05-03-2010 12:56:51 AM CST
Our heartfelt condolense to Justine's family. We extend our wholehearted support to sri.John Xavier in his fight for justice.

Justice for Justin
05-02-2010 7:29:05 AM CST
Thanks to the Manorama channel who has given a great coverage for Justice to Justin. Those who watched the programme can indubitably judge this death was like a stove accident of a bride in a bridegrooms house. in the first month. If this happens, a case can be registered against the house – why doubt it is not a murder????? I am very sure all the students and staff knows how Justin died. At least 100 1st year Engineering students and their parents and family members and minimum 300 staff families and their neighbours in the college from different parts of India very clearly know who killed him. It is high time for the parents to think at least half of the facilities they mentioned in their advertisement are true and operational?? The best example CCTV not working when a murder occurs. Directly the students and staff of that college supports the murder. The university challenge the parents and students and conveys the message that any injustice practiced by rich students and the death occurred thereby and the reasons / sickness must be expressed before the authorities as per the instructions / training given to them by the college authorities. This murder case is known to everyone in the college – The 1st year engineering students know the name of the one who killed him. Simple calculation take the number of students in the college plus the staff members and multiply it with families and each family with 4 members. The question now each parent / student / family ask in Amity, a student is murdered in a university where every parent spend more than their capacity converts murder into cardiac arrest. Do you have to keep silence, or react to bring out the truth. Some of you may say it is difficult and dangerous – I will send a photo of a girl you will send it 150 persons within a second without ethics, without knowing the source whether it is the photo of a princess What justice the policeman can give to the public who manhandled the son of a teacher to reveal where his father is hiding, when such sort of cardiac arrest / swimming pool case is safely protected This is where you see no difference when you see the photos of criminals together!!! The only difference one with uniform and the other without!!!. As a citizen of India, when you appreciate your politicians, your police, your children, your society, your universities, do not forget the names of the Kerala police who visited AMITY campus, the best and lucky 100 parents of Amity college who sought admission for their children in 2009!!! (hiding truth), best 300 families of India who works as staff members of this college!!!, best 100 students of Amity 2009!!! (including the roommate of Justin) the others who witnessed Justin’s death in the Swimming Pool. Can we ask our children to be sincere when you insist them to hide the truth??? Are you giving them true education????? Can you blame them if they kill you in the Swimming pool. I have one question to the public. Why you educate your children in big institutions?? Is it for big salary?? Is it for Pride?? Is it for your own family and benefit??? If not, join hands with Mr. John Xavier. He has no more children to be sent to college. I request some administrative staff, some parents of students, some students of Amity University (2009 batch), please come forward with the truth to the maximum people you can at least without revealing your identity, so that the truth can be brought to light. You innocent parents of children, you innocent students need not have to carry this burden any more. The more you hide this truth the more others get affected. The sooner you reveal the truth the faster your education system get purified. At last for the students who study in that college in the Forensic Science Department – there is no meaning for your studies. You have to also change the report for the sake of the children who killed Justin. Do not forget there are two laws – one for the poor and other for the rich. The criminal wanted by Interpol can happily sleep in his home or travel in his car safely with black cat protection. Can you do that??????? Come out stop supporting the criminals.

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