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Sarel Nair   nsarel20@gmail.com
05-02-2010 6:59:04 AM CST
Can somebody give me the latest update on this case.. Was Amity brought to justice??? Or are we still waiting for World Action Council.

:// cfcindia.com   wftw@cfcindia.com
05-02-2010 5:48:25 AM CST
1. "If you can't understand these wonders in creation, how can you understand spiritual realities?" 2. "If I control all My creation, do you think that I couldn't control the lightning that struck your sheep, or the Sabeans and Chaldeans who killed your servants, or the storm that struck your children's houses?" 3. "If you can't stand in front of a crocodile that I created, how can you stand before Me?" (41:9-11). God showed Job His sovereign power and control over all of creation.

05-02-2010 5:38:37 AM CST
God Wants Us to Recognise Our Nothingness Zac Poonen In Job, Chapters 38-41, notice the completely different way in which God spoke to Job compared to the way the four preachers, (who claimed to represent Him) spoke. God did not once accuse Job of having sinned in secret or tell him that he was being punished for his sins, etc., etc., and Job was convicted immediately and repented!! What a lesson we can all learn from that, on how to speak to people and how to preach! God's ways are not our ways. Many preachers try to convict people by telling them about sins that they imagine those others have committed. Nothing results from such an approach, except that the preachers themselves increase their guilt before God for speaking with the spirit of the Accuser. God, in His great mercy and compassion however, speaks to man in quite another way - and the man is so thoroughly convicted of his sins that he says, "O God, I am corrupt, I am nothing. I repent. Please forgive me." God leads people to repentance by His kindness (Rom. 2:4). Three basic questions that God was asking Job (in these chapters) were: 1. "If you can't understand these wonders in creation, how can you understand spiritual realities?" 2. "If I control all My creation, do you think that I couldn't control the lightning that struck your sheep, or the Sabeans and Chaldeans who killed your servants, or the storm that struck your children's houses?" 3. "If you can't stand in front of a crocodile that I created, how can you stand before Me?" (41:9-11). God showed Job His sovereign power and control over all of creation. That was all that needed to be said. And Job was humbled. Hours of direct attack by the four preachers accomplished nothing. The indirect approach by God accomplished everything in a few minutes. Faith in the sovereign control of God over all of His creation is what will bring rest to our hearts too, when we face problems, afflictions and enemies. The Lord asked Job, "Do you still want to argue with the Almighty?" (Job.40:2). Job, who had a quick reply for every argument thus far is now silenced. He now says, "Lord, I am nothing and I have nothing to say. I will not speak any more." This first book of inspired Scripture teaches us that God wants us to recognize our nothingness so that he can be everything in our lives. Then our lives will fulfil His purpose and be a blessing to multitudes. Before God can use someone, He has to reduce him to nothing. Paul said, "What is Paul and what is Apollos? I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything." (1Cor.3:5,6).In other words, the one who does evangelism is nothing and the one who does Bible teaching is also nothing. God alone is everything and so He alone deserves all the glory. That was the secret of Paul's life - he was a zero even at the end of his life. There are preachers who are eager to grab the credit for souls saved somewhere. There are pastors who complain saying, "That pastor stole my sheep from my church". etc., etc. Why do these Christian workers speak like this? Because they haven't become zeros as yet. When they say, "my church", which church are they talking about? We know of the church of Jesus Christ. But which is their church? Everybody must certainly be taken away from "their church" and planted in the church of Jesus Christ!! And "their church" must be destroyed. What a long time it took Job to come to the place where he could acknowledge that he was insignificant and decide never to justify himself any more. Thereafter, for the rest of his life, Job must have been a man who was "quick to hear and slow to speak" (Jas.1:19). The long speech that he gave in six chapters (Chapters 26 to 31) is the longest self-justification found in the entire Bible. It stinks of self-righteousness all the way through. But Job could not smell his pride himself. Now at last this self-righteous man had become zero. As a result of whose preaching? Was it through the man who spoke of visions and dreams? Was it through the man who held the traditions of the fathers as sacred? Was it through the self-appointed "prophet"? Or was it through the man who was so correct in what he said? None of these four preachers could help him. It was God Who helped Job to come to this place. He was the Fifth Preacher. And He is the One Whom we should imitate. "Be imitators of God" (Eph.5:1). What a wonderful thing God's brief message did to Job, which the other preachers could not do with all their long and repeated sermons. What was the reason for this? The answer is: God loved Job. The four preachers did not. When we love people from our heart, God will give us the right words to give them. When we don't love them, we will only criticise them and accuse them and we won't be able to bless them. Let us learn then to love the people we serve, and God will always give us the words to speak to them. A prophet of God must have God's word in his heart and God's people on his heart. Then God will give him prophetic messages for them. While the other four preachers tried to convict Job of his sin, God sought to make Job a worshipper. And God succeeded. This is what we need to show an unbelieving generation - that our God is the Almighty and Sovereign Ruler of this universe. We are not to be intimidated by the threats of our opponents - for not a hair of our heads can be touched by anyone without our Sovereign, Heavenly Father's permission. Let us learn to act with compassion, instead of always being ready to criticise. Let us never pass judgment when we do not know the true facts. Even when we think we know the facts, let us acknowledge that there may be other facts that we still don't know. So let us always humble ourselves and say, "Lord, I am nothing. I'll put my hand over my mouth and keep quiet." Job also said, "Lord, I had heard about You before, but now I have seen You" (Job.42:5). There is a vast difference between hearing about God and knowing Him personally. When John saw Jesus on the isle of Patmos, he fell down and worshipped Him. Job fell down and worshipped God too. Job also repented radically of his accusing God and took back every word he had spoken (42:6), and God forgave him immediately as we see very soon thereafter.

Jenny Samuel   jenny.samuel@hotmail.com
05-01-2010 11:43:22 PM CST
Dear Brother, my belated condolence.I came to know the tragedy,what happened to your family through the manorama news program.To loose the only son at such an young age is too much for you .May god give you enough stregth and courage to bear yourself and fight for the justice.Go ahed bravely,all of us with you.

SUNIL THOMAS, DOHA   sunthomas@yahoo.com
05-01-2010 1:21:38 PM CST

05-01-2010 1:05:42 PM CST

Honey Dileep   honeydileep@yahoo.com
05-01-2010 12:11:42 PM CST
My prayers are always with all of you and I assure my full support to you to fight the injustice that has happened to our son - JUSTIN. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE

05-01-2010 9:33:53 AM CST
example for

John Daniel (Joy)   john_puly@yahoo.com
04-28-2010 4:16:16 AM CST
A small example of death by ragging in professional colleges and the struggle the family had to suffer lifelong is once more brought to the attention of parents is very much appreciated. The other side it is happened in India where the constitution protects the rights of one innocent, even though thousand culprits go un punished. The most pitiable part is that most of the victims and the victimized are from the parents who claim that they are the No. 1 and from Gods own country. Without any prejudice I can say to each and everyone of you that, it is not the mobile that corrupted your generation, it is the bad food that given by the hostel authorities, the hunger that they suffered in the hostels made them bad. It is not the mobile that spoiled your children, it is the bribery you collected from the poor and utilized for the education of your children corrupted them. It is you the one who collects in the bucket money and given it your big leaders corrupted your children. It is the leaders who fed you with your corruption denied justice to you irrespective of the party, but the difference who played the big roll. I have no right to say any parent not to send their children for medicine or engineering or any other professional classes, but at least before you send them for entrance coaching just take them to a counselor or a psychiatrist to find out whether they have sadism or any sort of deformity in their character to attack innocents or use shortcuts to defeat rivals to score the first grade. Charity begins at home. Lets take the first step from our home to avoid ragging. I have seen lots of parents rushing to wish rest for Justin’s soul like channels looking for other hot news for the next day. I request every parent who have grown up children to enter into college life, or in the colleges, or whoever likes to choose the profession as teachers advise them, take them in confidence, take together a decision that they will not encourage or support ragging in their campus or hostels. Let Justin and their parents live in your house, in the hearts of your children. This is the way you support this website. It is not the campus, it is the parents to be blamed for not guiding their children. If any parent of rich children, or any leader or political parties or the management of the colleges strongly expressed their irrevocable decision for the violators of law and the consequences and side effects of the misdemeanor that the criminals has to face and when violated freely given to the law and properly punished!!!!!! I know several parents who lost their children by ragging. It is amazing that no parent has responded or extended their support to join hands with John Xavier. Maybe fear. Perhaps this can be an opportunity for them to get their wound dressed. Finally I wish the tongues and the brains behind the idea of converting it as a Cardiac Arrest, and the campus who took the life of Justin may be cursed for ever and ever.

Prasanna Govind Atalkar   prasannaatalkar@gmail.com
04-19-2010 12:27:58 PM CST
This is really beyond imagination, it's time to come we all come forward and try to shut down such institution with the help govt. and legal dept.

Partha Sarathi   mailtoparthaban@gmail.com
04-19-2010 7:31:31 AM CST
We really need to wake up and put pressure on govt. forums to completely ban this sort of institutes so that there is no repetition of Justin John'n fate in our so called civilzed society.

04-19-2010 6:08:27 AM CST
Am really hurt to know about the tragedy. Hope justice is meted out soon.

Ranjana Kanti   ranjanakanti@indiaredefined-a4c.org
04-17-2010 7:59:55 AM CST
John Xavier is talking to me everyday and asking me--When ? His only son Jutin John Xavier joined Amity University on 3rd August, 2009 .His parents received a wake up call on 3rd September 2009 from Amity, saying that your son is no more.What happened to his son? It is an appeal from india Redefined ,a Citizen’s Empowerment movement,to all Indians -Let us all we move from the state of APATHY to SYMPATHY and finally graduate to EMPATHY. Every Indian's pleasures and sorrows become our pleasures and sorrows, when anyone of us is humiliated we feel ourselves humiliated, their aspirations become our aspirations and their failures our failures What we really require is the refinement of our basic sensitivity and expansion of our self which is normally limited to our near and dear ones. With this expansions we begin to identify ourselves with Nature in all its manifestations, humanity at large. Then and only then the mother earth will be at Peace and worth living for all of us. You may call this feeling Empathy or with some other name. But to me, this state of Mind or Soul is something more than the word "Empathy" or its equivalents connote. India Redefined will take this Up. India Redefined, the strongest citizen group will make all those people who were part of this accountable to every Indian. If 100 crore people work for Redefining India – what can stop it from becoming the most powerful country. Put all your goodness on one platform - India Redefined, become the strongest citizen group & make public officials accountable by ensuring better governance, infrastructure and killing the corruption. India Redefined aims to help you fulfill your ISR - Individual Social Responsibility.just as CSR is for corporates. Political parties work for 100 crore people, but 100 cr will work for Redefining India.

punit kumar   ponitshukla@gmail.com
04-16-2010 7:18:05 AM CST

Jusin John is always in our memry . Amity is doing fraud with the studetns

noha ealias   noha968@gmail.com
04-13-2010 7:31:00 AM CST
it was really very socking to hear about his death. may the good god be with him and may his soul reat in peace

aabel joseph   aabelferrari1@gmail.com
04-12-2010 2:27:33 AM CST
it was very shocking for me to hear about this mysterious death I have asked all my friends to join and we mighty sprited montfortians shall also support in all ways to support maliakal family to fight against injustice

04-10-2010 11:58:07 AM CST
Isha seems to be a student of AMITY. There is no question of false claims. Even a small child can understand that its a cold blooded murder. World action councils will act promptly in time.

04-10-2010 5:57:08 AM CST
RIP Justin.... Dis mytery shd be solved instaed of making false claims about his death....

04-04-2010 7:44:21 AM CST
shocking... defintly he will be a better place with God.bt trooth must come out..

JOSEPH.K.K.   josephenw@gmail.com
03-29-2010 12:34:52 PM CST
It was just shocking for our family since we heard about this tragedy.. Justin is with God. Today we have visited your website and it was heart breaking, and our prayers are there always with you all. (It is noticed,from the LKG group photo that Justin was my childrens class mate in Little flower school,Riyadh)

M.V.Jose   mvjose@rediffmail.com
03-29-2010 9:12:25 AM CST
For any parnet it's shocking that losing a son or daughter. May Heavenly grace be up your family and pray that the inspite of hardship, the heavenly peace prevails in your family. Also let's us pray for those students in hostels for a peaceful living... May GOD brings out the truth behind the mystry... Jose

Suphachai K.   krailasratanasiri@hotmail.com
03-29-2010 7:24:32 AM CST
I'm so sorry.May his soul rest in peace.

johnson pullannikavil riyadh   johns125112@yahoo.com
03-29-2010 5:06:31 AM CST
I am so sorry. We all are with you. I will pray for you.

Sajo James   sajojames@gmail.com
03-29-2010 2:22:14 AM CST
Our Prayers !!!

03-29-2010 1:03:26 AM CST
It was really shocking to hear about justin's death. my heartiest condolences to justins parents.May his soul rest in peace

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