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03-27-2010 11:05:21 AM CST
I am so sorry . My prayers are with you.

Albert Malsawmkima   albertokimkima@gmail.com
03-27-2010 5:59:28 AM CST
hey.... sorry.... i've no words to say.... but only that GOD wanted Justin earlier to join him... may GOD be with all of you

Manoj Nair   manoj.nair@power.alstom.com
03-24-2010 2:28:24 AM CST
Dearest Johnetan & Chechi, My family also joins me in conveying our sincere and heartiest condolences. We can fully understand your feelings and know the fact that nothing can compensate with such a losses in someone’s life. Believe in God, he will ofcourse give you all the strengths to overcome from this. I too agree with Anish, an impartial investigation with the support of a competent agency is must to find out the truth and give speedy justice to Justin’s parents, and most importantly to avoid such tragic incidents in future. I strongly believe he is the victim of stupid raging that probably the university wanted to hide to protect their (fake) reputation or fund raisers…… I sincerely appreciate your decision of starting a charity in your sons name, ofcourse you can see your beautiful son’s face in all those whom you are supporting… God bless you…. Please feel free to write incase you need any support from me and I will be glad to support you the way I can. Loving Regards, Manoj Nair New Delhi

Sonia   soniambiswas@yahoo.co.in
03-14-2010 7:12:01 AM CST
Praise the Lord...He shall grant peace.He's there with the family in time of need.He shall guide you to the door of justice.My condolences to the family....DON'T LOOSE HOPE..May Justin's soul rest in peace.

Swapnil   swapnilonweb@gmail.com
03-14-2010 6:57:18 AM CST
May his soul Rest in Peace...

Swapnil   swapnilonweb@gmail.com
03-14-2010 6:57:14 AM CST
May his soul Rest in Peace...

Swapnil   swapnilonweb@gmail.com
03-14-2010 6:57:12 AM CST
May his soul Rest in Peace...

deepti   deeptiarora.rdr@gmail.com
03-12-2010 6:53:57 AM CST
I am very sad for what has happened with Justin.I pray for him and his family.I believe that you will be getting justice Mr.Xavier.We all are with you.God bless you.

Kate Otrowiski
03-09-2010 1:01:43 PM CST
It is a real shock to hear that such bad things happens in India. I don't know him personally, but I pray for you. Balam United Kingdom

Patric Mackery
03-09-2010 12:58:14 PM CST
Heartly condolances. Chicwick U.K

03-09-2010 12:18:20 AM CST
this is sooo horrible... we jus gotta fight against this!!!

RAJEEV JOSEPH   rajeev.joseph.delhi@gmail.com
03-08-2010 8:42:19 AM CST
Mr. John, We are with you...From Rajeev Joseph, New Delhi

Jeswin James B   jeswinjb@gmail.com
03-07-2010 3:52:49 PM CST
The death of your son is shocking and extremely hard to accept. My sincere condolences. I admire the fact that you did not allow the grief of your son's untimely death to overcome you but instead used it to help the poor and bring awareness about the evil nature of ragging and how vulnerable are pupils in India today. This is the best thing you can do for your son's long-lasting memory. Because of your son many people in India will be blessed. God Bless you all abundantly!

sruthi   christysruthi@yahoo.co.uk
03-07-2010 1:13:42 PM CST
R.I.P Justin xxx

Fr. George Condookala   gmappil04@yahoo.com
03-07-2010 6:04:24 AM CST
So shocking to hear such a news from Sr. Lydia. To loose the only son at such an young age is too much for you parents! We shall continue to PRAY for him and the family. Fr.George, Australia

03-07-2010 12:33:20 AM CST
prodigy ,enormous potential.....unfair demise R.I.P Justin

03-06-2010 12:35:56 PM CST
Hello there. My name is Sara and I am a friend of Daizy Mathai's. She told me the tragic story of Justin. I'm very sorry for your loss. My prayers will be with your family.

Tom Gnavallil Alex   gtomalex@gmail.com
03-06-2010 6:13:23 AM CST
Hello Hello I have just seen the website.I have a small suggestion to make. May be you must put a photo of the Montfort Swimming pool. Then people will be able to understand by a mere look at it how absurd is the claim by Amity that he died in that swimming pool. I am a montfortian and hence when i saw the Amity Swimming pool i understood that it such a tall claim. Regards Cadet Tom G Alex Copy to : Facebook Forum

rathish   rathish.kevryn@gmail.com
03-05-2010 11:11:33 AM CST
our prayers are with u and ur family man,may ur soul rest in peace.u'll get justice.

shanta serbjeet singh   shanta.serbjeetsingh@gmail.com
03-03-2010 11:39:24 PM CST
I am a senior journalist ( columnist with Hindustan Times, for over 25 years and Eco. Times for same period). I have been shicked by the background on Justin John's tragic demise in your website. I would like to assist in promoting the fight for justice on his behalf in whatever way I can. Can I have an internet contact?

Saji Abraham   sabraham@alhokair.com.sa
03-03-2010 2:55:08 PM CST
Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, Of glory in the flower, We will grieve not, Rather find strength in what remains behind.with pryer and love...Saji Abraham --Riyadh William Wordsworth

03-03-2010 10:47:27 AM CST
May your soul rest in peace and the culprits will never be forgiven by God.

orm   orm_74@hotmail.com
03-03-2010 6:27:10 AM CST
may God always with u forever myfriend.i will pray for u

Fr. Varghese, CMF
03-02-2010 10:57:25 AM CST
Let Truth Triumph... and it definitely will!

Reetha sunny   avprd.ho@gmail.com
03-02-2010 2:12:41 AM CST
Our prayers always with you and your family

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