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Swapna John   binuswapna@yahoo.com
03-01-2010 4:07:10 PM CST
I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family. May God give you the strength and courage to fight for justice. Please stay strong .....

SABU-USA   sabu@yahoo.com
03-01-2010 2:30:31 PM CST
I will pray for you bro.

Nahdi   morjanmontag@gmail.com
02-27-2010 2:53:21 PM CST
May God chose Him to live in the Paradise with him together as God says : Stated in the Hadith Qudsi ( God Speech ) that God Almighty says to Angles after the death of a child: - "You took My Son of Adam's child,( the person who died his child )? - Angles Say: Yes,( God knows that ) by Almighty - Allah (God) says: And what did he say? - Angles Say:He glorify God and recalled which said thank God, We are all for God and to Him we return. God says: Build for him a house in Paradise and call it ( The House of Praise)." Your Son says : Be patient my Father we will be together soon in the Paradise in your house which God built it for your patience . Tell my mother that am not alone .. the angles around me and am flying where ever I want in the paradise . ......

Angad   kapoor.angad@gmail.com
02-27-2010 6:26:54 AM CST
Cute fellow. May God give strength to his parents.

Preethi Mascarenhas   preethimascarenhas@gmail.com
02-27-2010 3:48:34 AM CST
What a cute and young fellow ...lost his life at such a young age....Whoever did it or what happened only God's knows , but the truth will come out any way.We wish and pray for justice to triumph.Really feels sad .

neha   neha_tan2001@yahoo.com
02-27-2010 3:00:07 AM CST
well i am shocked and have no clue what to say, i came through this though facebook ad, and feel really sorry for what happened to him. i really pray and wish to god to bless you with strength and patience and punish those culprits. hve faith in god he is there!!god bless..

jaisy joy   joyjaisy@yahoo.co.uk
02-26-2010 5:48:56 PM CST
well i dnt knw wha to ryt!! bt ye bein d same age as justin i feel he deserves a bit more respect frm amit uni...reputation shud nt b earned on d cost of human life!! loosin sum1 whu u deeply luv is d cruelest ting on earth...n..livin witt tat pain is way more dan cruel!!..u just knw u can neva 4get dem..n..days witout dem r nightmares!! but ye gods gift of luvin memories always remain!!... tis is to let uncle and aunty knw..u all r in our prayers and justin will get justice!! keep fightin ..atleast tats wha d rest of us left on earth can do!! god bless u all!! special regards alice,joice,jaisy,jincy (UK)

Rima Kaur   versatile.frost@yahoo.com
02-26-2010 11:19:16 AM CST
Dear parents, friends and family of Justin, I am 20 years old and stay in Delhi. I came across this website through Facebook and was moved to tears after seeing Justin's photographs. I wish you lots of strength, patience and happiness too. Dear parents, consider this as a message from your daughter.

Suma Nair   svam.nair@gmail.com
02-25-2010 11:03:06 AM CST
Shocking and saddening.. How cruel are the people who had done this to an intelligent and talented kid Parents of Justin, please remember that you are not alone in the world.. We all are there with you .. who ever have gone through this web site will surely pray for you. We are ready to give our support to you in your fight for justice. I dont know how to console you .. Being a mother I could feel your sadness . Justin I dont know you or your family .. But now onwards you are there in our prayers.. May almighty give your parents the strength to go through this toughest period..

02-25-2010 2:32:17 AM CST
The death of this young man saddens me. A promising life cut short for an unknown reason. He could have done great things. My heart goes to the parents of Justin. The Almighty is pouring His healing grace to you... My prayer is for you to have the will to accept it and may you find the strength to let go of the pain. May you find solace and peace in the love of your friends and family. Justice will run it's course that's for sure. There is an Almighty who oversees everything.

02-24-2010 10:58:16 PM CST
Condolence to the family ! all will be well have faith in god !!

JOYCE EAPPACHAN   eappachanjoyce@gmail.com
02-22-2010 2:49:33 PM CST
Dear, Parents of Justin Heartfull condolence frm me &my family let our LORD saviour JESUS CHRIST comfort you both let god help us reveal the thruth.will continue in prayers.......Joyce,K.K.U.H,shemesy, Riyadh

Baby Varghese & Family Riyadh   baby_varghese@hotmail.com
02-22-2010 2:40:57 AM CST
Dear Rajan & Family Our heart felt condolence. Our prayers are always with you and your family. We strongly backing you for all your efforts to find the truth. May GOD rest his soul in peace Baby Varghese & Family Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Joy Joseph, Advocate, Newyork   jkarot@gmail.com
02-19-2010 11:13:39 AM CST
The shocking news regarding the sad demise(murder) of Justin really moved me. A young man of such quality and amature capabilities cannot be drowned in normal swimming. Since the occurrence had taken place within the short period of opening, ragging can be strongly suspected and the death might have occurred by an encounter with seniors. "My name is Khan but I am not a terrorist" film also depicts a situation like this in the school'. A close interview by an expert journalist on Selected Teachers, Students and selected office peons will reveal some clues. Each one should be interviewed separately and their Mobile phone conversation has to be tapped also. Hostel warden must have some information which he is not revealing for the sake of reputation of the college. Yes, reputation should be made to shaken for the truth to come out. Posters should be stickied all over the university campus and nearby town. There should be media coverages also on this posters. Earlier the better. Sorry for the late response. Regards Joy Joseph Advocate

02-19-2010 9:33:28 AM CST
da u knw me since 8th...we grew up together for past 4 years of our life in monty.....da 4 sure my fullest support will be there 2 find the truth behind this incident....and i am sure ZERISTO WILL BE THERE WITH YOU

Fr. Alex Vadakumthala
02-18-2010 5:32:52 AM CST
I am really shocked to hear about this incident, and the response from Amity. I am writing to its Founder-President, Dr. Ashok Chauhan. I hope he would respond in a positive way. I join in your pain for this great loss. May God be your strength!

Fr. Thomas Niravathu   niravathut@rediffmail.com
02-17-2010 12:36:09 AM CST
May his soul rest in peace. My prayers are with the family that mourns the loss of their beloved Justin.

02-16-2010 4:37:59 PM CST
Rajan and Anu,You are in my prayers for stength from above.I quite don't grasp what you both are going through.The reason that Amity gave for Justin's death is absolute nonsense.I think Amity has no right to exist, allowing such brutal incidents in their campus.I sincerely wish and pray that the culprits wil soon be brought to justice.May the the peace that passeth all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Daizy ,Dallas ,Texas.

santhosh   santhosh_rocks22@yahoo.co.in
02-15-2010 8:19:13 PM CST

we really miss u lot......... i next to u in my schooling n all my hostel fun and memories were mostly with u ......... i support this site for bringing out the truth of amity....... all zeristos are with u

Mangaladarshan   johnnierokr@gmail.com
02-15-2010 8:55:57 AM CST
i miss u a lot dude..... those moments i spent next to you in the study during our 11th are just unforgettable...... i just remember those future dreams of urs.... becoming an astronaut and so on... i still enjoy readin the slam u wrote for me last year......... i miss u.... RIP

Frejo   frejovj@yahoo.com
02-14-2010 10:35:18 PM CST
It is shocking to hear that such a horrible incident took place and Justin's parents haven't received any justice from authorities and university officials. By hearing and reading about it, no one should their children to these kind of institutions. We are with Justin's parents in prayers and in the fight for justice.

BIJU MATHEN   bijuandmathen@gmail.com
02-13-2010 11:36:20 PM CST
I am a friend of Kumar Nair, UK. Words are not enough to express this pain!!! But May the peace of God Almighty heal your pain and be with you, the one who gave his only begotten son for the mankind. Jesus Said. "I am leaving you at peace. I am giving you my own peace. I am not giving it to you as the world gives. So don't let your hearts be troubled, and don't be afraid." John 14:27. How long our Govt. will wait to stop this barbaric game. We wish and pray for justice to triumph. Biju Mathen and Family from Canada

Shiva Nayri   s.nayeri@planet.co.uk
02-13-2010 2:11:45 PM CST
I do not know Justine personally, but as a mother I am very sorry for you two ,and wish him rest in peace.

sijo arackal   sijjose@yahoo.com
02-12-2010 2:54:28 AM CST
it seems like there is a big mysterious story behind the scenes..its a shame for our investigators that the truth is not found...please give justice to john's loving mummy and daddy..peace for loving john's soul...we all are fighting for justice...we don't want to get ignored.....god bless

Don Davi   donu1592@yahoo.co.in
02-11-2010 12:33:26 PM CST
i dont know justin personally..heard news from media...with lots of prayers..for his soul and to get justice for his parents too...

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