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Prem P Jose, Croydon London   prame_jose@hotmail.com
02-11-2010 5:55:16 AM CST
It is very sad to hear that there is no improvement in the case after five months. As an Indian citizen I have an humble request to Indian government athorities please open your eyes and do something in the right way. Let the truth come the world. As a worlds largest democratic country, please give a true gustice to the parents. Dear Justin we miss you, but our prays are with you always.

Shaji Mathew   shaji.t.mathew@hotmail.com
02-10-2010 4:05:11 PM CST
It was shocking news for me and my family. It is unbelievable that Justin had drowned in a swimming pool of just 5ft, as he was a very good swimmer and 6ft tall. I strongly believe that it is a cruel murder as a part of raging. I would like to request the authorities to act immediately to find out the cause of the cruel murder.

Deepti   srdeeptirose@gmail.com
02-10-2010 6:30:54 AM CST
Justin will pray for us from heaven.We have got a saint in heaven to safeguard us. I pray that it may open the eyes of the authorities and take necessary measures to stop ragging for ever

vydesh ramkumar   vydeshramkumar@yahoo.com
02-09-2010 6:00:26 AM CST
Man Justin, sorry if its too late.I really miss you man...why should it be you out of all of us?. you bring out the best memories of my stay in Montfort. I will surely do whatever possible action against those inglorious people who did this to you. miss you man ...R.I.P

DEEPA SHIBU.   deepajt@yahoo.com
02-09-2010 1:41:14 AM CST
My dear Ana chechy,iam deepajohn from muscat.i dont know u remember me or...?.i was with u from 2005 to 2007.in NICU 2 RMC. really it was a shocking & painful news for me .immediatly i rememberd the days when we 2gther , ur phone calls to justin on sundays in morning duty hours. till today iam not in mood to talk to u.from lini i got the web address of our justin. I pray to God,please help us to find the reality as early as possible,& also to give courage to my chechy to accept all the realities.Let the almighty rest his soul in peace.

philip chandy and family,riyadh   shebinphilip@yahoo.com
02-08-2010 7:03:29 AM CST
Dear John, Heartful condolences from me and my family.You show the perfect example of a father.We pray you become sucessful in your fight against injustice.

Aji.V.Dev   ajivdev@yahoo.co.in
02-08-2010 12:25:51 AM CST
I am sad to see the news of the loss of a smart and lovely boy in a mysterious circumstance. Justin, the most beloved one of the God is now my sorrow too. My deep and hearty condolence to the parents. May the Allmighty give the courage and strength to them to overcome this tragic situation.

02-07-2010 3:50:15 PM CST
I'm extremely sorry for your loss. I am practically a nobody to him or his family, but want to convey my condolences. Its unacceptable to have such incidences occurring and there has to be someone to take charge and stop it. It has to start somewhere and I encourage his people to resolve his case and not let go like hundreds in the past. Hope things work out well for you. :)

alex mathew   alexnilamel@airtelmail.in
02-07-2010 11:10:17 AM CST
Very sad to see such things happening in our Universities. More painful is the efforts to cover up the truth. Whatever are the findings of any further investigations, we have lost Justin and that is an irrepairable loss. Kindly accept my condolences and be strengthened in your resolve to smoke out the culprits that such events may noy be repeated. You owe that to the youth and people of our country.

Abdul Jaleel   majc92@gmail.com
02-07-2010 9:52:21 AM CST

Dear Sir/Madam, condolence from my deep heart. will pray for your son, our justin. As a believer, we have to pray to show the truth. But as a citizen of India, there is nothing other than approaching the courts to open their eyes. and I am sure, a big mass will back you on this effort, Abdul Jaleel, Jeddah. 00966 557739284

Rahul Kurup
02-07-2010 9:24:58 AM CST
Dear sir,My deepest and hearty condolences..Culprits must be brought before justice

02-07-2010 3:54:51 AM CST
My deepest condolence to Justin's Parents.You have our support in your fight for Justice.Its really sad that Educationall Institutions give more importanace to their reputation than trying to be truthful as they only think about the marketing of the institution.Im sure Justice will prevail.

Antony kandathil
02-07-2010 3:10:36 AM CST
Our deepest and hearty condolences. You will be always remembered in our prayers.

Anil   anil_kandathil@rediffmail.com
02-07-2010 2:59:19 AM CST
The circumstances provided by Amity were hard to digest. No amount of words will be of solace at the irreparable loss. Kindly accept our heart condolences and we join in your prayer to give Eternal Peace to the departed Soul. Anil, Sheeja & Kids.

Sreekumar Nair   kumar_ruh@hotmail.com
02-06-2010 7:04:12 PM CST
Dear Rajan & Anu, It has been a few years since we have met Justin last. Still we keep vivid memories of your beautiful child. With heavy hearts we browsed through the pictures of that fine young man who kept his great aspirations sky high. God had different plans and Justin had left for his heavenly abode. We know, for you the life will never be the same again. May God bless both of you to find solace in his cherished memories. His murderers must be brought to justice. You will be remembered in our prayers & thoughts. Sreekumar, Sreelatha & Sreejith Milton Keynes England

02-06-2010 12:23:00 PM CST
I dont know Justin personally ,but what has been done to him has been a great injustice.. Heart felt condolence to his family. This cruel act of ragging must be brought to an end at any cost.. we have lost another star due to the wild activity of some animals.. Let us join our hands in prayers.. God bless..

George(payyan) puthiri house Velappaya trichur
02-06-2010 3:15:27 AM CST
My hearty condolence,my prayers for your son and your family.may the truth come out soon. my contact number:9847813170

Anishkumar K C   anishkumar.chandran@gmail.com
01-30-2010 3:42:39 AM CST
His death is difinetely not due to cardiac arrest or any other illness. It is a brutal murder. It should be probed by Crime Brach or CBI of any Govt. other than Delhi.

Ashish Mathew   ajlives4christ@gmail.com
01-29-2010 3:40:18 PM CST
Uncle and Aunty, i am empty handed when i try to offer words of comfort. Justin's death has definitely scarred me, i hope he receives the justice that his life deserves. I've spent so many years of my childhood with justin, many times playing cricket at his house and often breaking many light tubes, playing cricket at rajan uncle's warehouse and then uncle used to bring us this broasted that we both loved and relished. we used to find excuses to hangout with each other. i remember days when we used to try to end up in the same class in school all the time, and we often did. i remember days when i used to go to his house right after school and told uncle and aunty that we were studying but we ended up taking 2 hour breaks when aunty would make some delicious food that we loved. we ended up not doing great that term because our grades dropped but we loved all the times we had together. we used to play hide and seek in the dark, in his room and it explored our creativity and stealth so much. i always admired how he played the piano and how determined he was in what he set out to do. We talked in the months leading up to his death and we planned things to do and places to visit when he'd visit New York City or when i'd visit Delhi. Justin, I truly miss you so much, you can never be replaced. We all long for retribution but beyond that, your life meant so much to me, you are a huge reason as to who i am today. i love you eda and all the jokes we've had in common and all the sports. Justin's life was not in vain by any means, his life was a light to me and thousands others. Rajan uncle and aunty, i consider you my parents and please do not consider me anything less than a son. I am praying for strength in these times and God himself would guide you in these days. Its hard for me, and i cannot possibly try to say i know what your going through but know that God is aware of our troubles. you can call me at (914)-522-5325 or email me at ajlives4christ@gmail.com. I love you Justin and i miss you. Your classmate, teammate, friend and brother, Ashish

swapna joy   swapnajoy2005@gmail.com
01-29-2010 2:39:38 PM CST
My hearty condolence.My prayers are always with you and your family.. staff nurse KSMC

Aby/Linsy   danielabraham8@gmail.com
01-29-2010 9:22:07 AM CST
Dear Uncle, He is living with us & watching us. we could met him in heaven.

Shine Jose   shinejose7@gmail.com
01-28-2010 7:07:21 AM CST
u can always expect a helping hand from my end .. All my well wishes and prayers with you .. Thanks 'n Regards Shine K. Jose

binoy   binoyyoyak@yahoo.co.in
01-26-2010 3:53:05 PM CST

my deep condolence my family with you.my family everyday pray in youre family

Sunil   sunilainikkal@yahoo.com
01-26-2010 12:17:47 PM CST
Dear John, my hearty condolence. May god bless him and rest his soul in peace... Sunil.A.K

rahul nadarajan   technosickster@gmail.com
01-26-2010 7:59:57 AM CST

Hello Mr. John ... i referred to this area thru a network chain mail ... u can always expect a helping hand from my end .. All my well wishes and prayers with you .. Thanks 'n Regards Rahul N

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