Hands, they lifted me as i cried my first cry

My mother, as I was the apple of her eye

My father who held in his strong arm

Kissed me, assuring me from all harm 

Hands, I saw so many at school

With different handshakes assumed to be cool

I placed my palms directly on others

Comparing our hands as we become brothers 

Hands, I saw them while being corrected

Their imprints on my arm showing i was never neglected

As a result, I exceeded what was expected

My character better and close to, perfected 

Hands, I saw them waving

My parents telling me best start behaving

I’m off for school in Montfort

With parents as my close support 

Hands, mine grew over the years

From picking up shawarmas to wiping away tears

It grew as my height did

And kept growing as I became a bright kid 

Hands, i lifted them up to God in prayer

Cried out him whenever in despair

They closed up with my eyes

And as a result I became wise 

Hands, I lifted them in my classroom

Sweeping my way through school as a brass broom

An able athlete as I assist of

People. Montfort.  Zeristo. 

Hands, I tried to touch the sky

Always wanting to be a one to fly

A future in aeronautics and space

Amity University, That’ll be the place. 

Hands, they worked hard for me

And College meant I was virtually free

Life in Noida, blessing as a teen

With so much potential yet to be seen 

Hands, that i high-fived

New friends i made as I arrived

Great friends, great college

Perfect for my future, as I needed knowledge 

Hands, which stole my breath

That led to my death

My life’s last sound

Was not heard when I drowned 

Hands, that put me in a pool

And told that to the school

That gave my head contusions

Made lies and made my death an illusion 

Hands, that beat and lied

That covered up as to how i died

That created false evidence to explain

Their made-up story and not my pain 

Hands, which held my corpse

Their chest they held me towards

My parents, lost in shock

With questions they ask simply blocked 

Hands that shut the mouth of truth

That stopped my life as I lived as a youth

No more of my life left

The rest of it is their theft

Hands that plead for the real story

For Justice and not for any glory

To know what happened since I can’t speak

Or even mentioned a word or barely shriek 

Hands, that took away breath from my chest

Won’t you bring me justice as I’m laid to rest?

I lived a young life, with great behavior

Please show justice to my life, Justin John Xavier.


There are many hands that shun the truth, but Justin was a young man who always stretched his hands for others. He never hurt anyone and was an innocent individual who only saw the best in others. Please spread the word about this as to completely prevent private universities from covering up truths that might preserve your or your loved one’s life.

Ashish Mathew, New York (Justin's Childhood Friend)